March 14, 2005

Boris Johnson MP

A very good article about our terrorist government and their 'control orders' and the way that they are being used as an extremely cinical electeral ploy, sacrificing our basic civil liberties to try and win back some positioning in the polls on immergration and national security issues where the Tories are doing better.Boris Johnson MP:
"The more I listen to Labour ministers on this subject, the more I suspect that control orders have been pushed to the fore as an electoral device, to neutralise the advantage the Tories have claimed on asylum. It is a cynical attempt to pander to the many who think the world would be a better place if dangerous folk with dusky skins were just slammed away, and never mind a judicial proceeding; and, given the strength of this belief among good Tory folk, it is heroic of the Tories to oppose the Bill.

We do so because the removal of this ancient freedom is not only unnecessary, but it is also a victory for terror. It is an erosion of the very rights that we are struggling to promulgate in Iraq and elsewhere; and, in a key sense, it puts the Government on a par with the idiot IRA men who offer to shoot murderers.

Both the Government and IRA seem content to ignore due process of law, and both are wrong."


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